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Candles are a must for those who want to create a perfect setting for relaxation. Be it for aromatherapy sessions, a soothing massage, or just while you are having a bath, there is nothing better than lighting up some scented candles to make the atmosphere change from the usual room ambiance, to a more romantic and calming one. Fable Gifts is renowned for the vast range of candles available because we know that most of you love to try out different scents and diversify in terms of styles and colors too. All of our candles are long lasting and of the highest quality. We want you to immerse yourself in a pleasant aroma while forgetting about all your worries and problems. So make sure you choose from our range of fragrance candles, floating candles, tealight candles, dinner candles, and bath salts. You will also be pleased to note that we even have a selection of candle holders and lanterns, in various styles and designs, to help you decorate your room even more creatively. This is your one stop shop for candles and candle related accessories of all sorts, and as always we guarantee the best quality at the best prices.