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What does your Birthstone mean?

There are many stories regarding the Origin of Birthstones. Some say it stems from the Twelve stones on Aaron's breastplate, said to represent the Twelve Tribes of Isreal (Exodus 28:17-21). Others believe the twelve stones are linked to the Zodiacs instead, assigning each stone to a different celestial body. 

Even though these different origins may lead to stones being assigned to different months, over the course of history people have eventually agreed to a similar set of Birthstones to be used worldwide.

In the modern day most people agree on the following Birthstone set, their resulting properties and the personalities associated with the stones.

January - Garnet

Garnet is deep red in colour. It is said to strengthen survival instinct and other base natures such as passion and love. If Garnet is your Birthstone, you will have a fiery personality! Your passions run high, promoting strong feelings of love and loyalty, however it can also result in a quick temper. 

February - Amethyst

Amethyst is a gorgeous crystal ranging from dark violet to pale periwinkle. Calming anxieties and preventing insomnia this gemstone is very relaxing. If Amethyst is your Birthstone you are a gentle and sincere person. 

March - Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a calming blue-green gemstone often associated with the sea. Ancient healers said this crystal could calm strong emotions and strengthen friendships. If Aquamarine is your Birthstone your friends will describe you as honest and and optimistic in nature.

April - Diamond

Diamond is considered the most beautiful of gemstones due its clear, bright sparkle. This crystal represents love, unity and purity. If Diamond is your Birthstone, chances are you have a very strong willed character. Be careful! with strong will comes hard-headedness.

May - Emerald

Emerald is found in a range of shades but is always green. This gem is most associated with mental acuity, but also helps strengthen romantic relationships. If Emerald is your Birthstone you will likely be very wise and feel love strongly. 

June - Pearl

Pearl is rated above diamonds by some with its luminous, creamy colour. Said to promote good luck these stones give the wearer a sense of strong faith and centeredness. If Pearl is your Birthstone you are probably patient and good humored.

July - Ruby

Ruby is a rich red gemstone. Once reffered to as 'the King of all Gemstones', Rubies boost energy levels and self-awareness. If Ruby is your Birthstone you are full of flair and sensitivity.

August - Peridot

Peridot is a lovely olive-green gem. Often thought to symbolize good fortune this crystal is affiliated with optimism and luck. If Peridot is your Birthstone you always see the bright side when others cannot and unknowingly spread good cheer amongst everyone you meet. 

September - Sapphire

Sapphire is known for its royal blue colouring. A precious gemstone that symbolises truth and virtue, the sapphire is good for restoring balance within the mind by releasing mental tension. If Sapphire is your Birthstone you are the calm centre of your group.

October - Opal

Opal is almost impossible to describe due to the fact that every Opal has its own unique colourful prism. Known to be calming to the mind, these soft stones are used to prevent nightmares and improve sleep, especially in children. If Opal is your Birthstone you are free in nature, taking delight in adventure of every kind. 

November - Topaz

Topaz is most commonly seen in an amber hue. This crystal is thought to boost openness, friendship and stimulates inteligect. If Topaz is your Birthstone you are known to be loyal and have a gentle nature, inviting strong relationships into your life.

December - Turquoise

Tourquoise is a protective stone, worn for thousands of years by warriors around the world. The decorative stone is considered to dish out good luck. If Turquoise is your Birthstone your peers may consider you a lucky individual, in reality you are confident in your decisions and possess good judgement.

Birthstone jewellery is the perfect gift for family or friend. Whether it is an Amethyst Bracelet, a Turquoise Elephant, or a Topaz Pendant, the natural beauty of these gorgeous stones is always a welcome suprise. 


Posted: 06/10/2019 by Charley