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How do crystals really work? feature image

How do crystals really work?

Crystals have been used for protection, healing and even divination, for as long as people have been able to harvest them.

Ancient Egyptians crafted crystals into jewellery and amulets to be worn or to hang around the home as protection against nightmares and evil spirits. Whereas, Ancient Greeks were more prone to using crystals for more physological benefits, such as preventing 'drunkenness and hangovers'. 

It is believed that all things natural contain and emit energies. Crystals are no exception. Different crystals are thought to have different types of energy, helping with all manner of human maladies.

When used in the right way, crystals can give off positive energies. These can be calming, energizing or healing (or a mixture!) Crystals work by using vibrations at an atomic level. The energy emitted by the crystals vibration interact with our own energies (physical, mental and spiritual) creating the uplifting feeling described by many people. 

Now let's look at some of the different crystals and what those crystals are good for:


Amethyst may be the most popular crystal right now. This purple gemstone is good for anxiety and insomnia. Amethyst helps purify the mind, making it easier to understand your dreams, and calming your thoughts allowing you space to focus on the important things. Amethyst can be worn in jewellery such as bracelets, or Amethyst tumblestones can be kept under your pillow at night.


Ruby is a crystal with a slightly unusual nature. Ruby is used to promote self-awareness! This special crystal can be used in a sensual setting as it emits energies that restore vitality and energy levels. Ruby can also be used for intellectual awakening because of its ability to open the mind. Ruby pieces can be kept in your pocket, or worn as jewellery . 


Citrine is a yellow gemstone related to Quarts. Citrine is primarily used for promoting creativity and imagination within a space so is good for any artistic person. Citrine also creates an area of protection against spiteful natures and helps with understanding negative energies around you without attracting them towards you. Overall, Citrine is a very positive crystal and is a great gift for newborns in the form of an angel or sphere to bring happiness, curiosity and confidence. Citrine tumblestones works best when placed in the sunlight to effect an area but Citrine can also be worn as jewellery to effect oneself.


Turquoise is a strong protective crystal that has been used for many centuries, by many different cultures. It has been used to protect travellers during long journeys, but can also be used for mood boosting and empowerment during times of depression and anxiety inducing activities. Turquoise is very good for people with a fear of public speaking. Best worn as jewellery, Turquoise is readily available as necklaces, but is also common in the form of small Turquoise Angels and other trinkets.


Bloodstone is a great healing stone. Also known as Heliotrope or Sunstone, the Bloodstone has been used for at least 5,000 years to aid blood circulation by dipping the stone in cold water and placing it on the body. Bloodstone has also been said to help mother and child bond with its grounding energies giving both the ability to connect without the intrusion of chaotic feelings. Bloodstone is found in a variety of forms, pendulums and tumblestones being the most common.

Whilst there is no medical evidence to support the claims of healing crystals, it is impossible to deny their effect on emotional health. Which in turn can affect the body in a physical nature. Never underestimate the power of positive thinking!

It's time to try Crystals for yourself.

Posted: 04/10/2019 by Charley